August 26, 2016

A Roof Fell Over our Roof!

Last August 14, a tornado hit the areas of Manila and a huge roof, frame and all, fell over our roof. Good thing (is it a good thing) that it got lodged over electric wires and didn't do much damage to our own roof.  But of course, power was cut-off and was the internet and cable connections. The power was cut off not because of the picture above but because 2 huge electric posts were uprooted due to the same tornado. Whoever owns the roof, I feel sorry for the damage this has caused them and I just hope no one was hurt.
Thankfully, nobody got hurt and power was restored after maybe 12 hours after.  But the internet and cable (no thanks to Skycable) was not working until after more than 4 days! 

July 27, 2016

Bring Your Own Sunshine!

Our house is yellow! I find it too yellow, as though we have our own sun inside, but it is a witness to such happiness in my life, that I am starting to love it! Well, that is until my hands itch again for a paint brush and a new can of paint! hahaha! 
I will keep you updated on my next color scheme, one of these weekends!

January 28, 2015

Tokyo Skyline

I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan last week for work and I was amazed at how efficient and modern the city looks.  I stayed at Shangri-La Tokyo and this was the view, during the day and at night! 
Magnificent, isn't it!

Hello, Tokyo!

December 12, 2014

Lessor Lessons #3

Leasing a property is really not for the faint of heart. And I think I am becoming a bad person because of my tenants. I have resorted to cajoling, teasing and threatening, in any order.  My tenants are 2 months late again in paying their dues, and I just another go with both of them, the husband and the wife! It is just impossible to reason with them! Their excuses run from being lame to totally being unbelievable.  Its's either they are paying for a motorcycle, they are selling a piece of land in the province, or the boss forgot that his salary was due! And they had the nerve to ignore my calls.  They only paid when I threatened them to look for another place to stay!

Hay, I don't see this relationship going anywhere nice in the future.