September 23, 2009

My First Attempt at Gardening

I have always loved plants and gardening. The only problem is, there is no space to make a proper garden. What I have here at our current residence is a small plot, frequented by cats! Can imagine the smell? That's why I wouldn't touch it then. But when the drainage was repaired and the small plot was left in a very unpleasant state, I decided to do some serious gardening.

Here are the initial result of my efforts. I think I need to add more plants there to make it more even, but it does look a lot pleasant now. I wanted to throw away he old plants in rusted cans and pots of different shapes and sizes but my mother and mother-in-law wouldn't let me so I just put them against the wall. See the beer bottles? I am trying to put them into better use!
But what I really love are my hanging plants. Looking at our kitchen window, these hanging plants are surely pleasing to the eye.

So this is my first serious attempt at gardening and I hope to plant more flowering plants here.

On another note, I also have a plant here in my office!

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