July 22, 2010

Let's Decorate!

Now that the family vacation to Boracay is done and life is returning back to normal, its time to visit the dream house once again. We will go there this weekend and work our schedule on painting the house and putting up the ceiling. I will also bring some appliances from our house, like the television set and the plastic storage boxes that I bought from the mall. If you give me a free hand and unlimited budget to decorate the house, I would fill it with homey and nice stuff. I now want white paint to emphasize the furniture and the simplicity and elegance of the house. I want clear and defined lighting. I want a pocket garden, or a zen garden. I want the latest gadgets and biggest and coolest entertainment system. I have it all planned in my mind and I can picture it as if I have them all in front of me. Of course that is, if money is not the issue. I can use credit cards with no annual fee but there are bad credit cards out there! I dont want to be exposed to unnecessary trouble especially now when I am not aware of new credit rules. But since money is the major consideration of all, I will get back to reality and think of ways to save up for those things instead At least, I don't need to think of ways to pay for those stuff once I paid them cash.

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