July 28, 2010

Modern Lighting - Redesigning With Discount Designer Lights

My friend Rona just moved into her dream house in Somerset in Pasig and we were there to visit last week. We were already there one time before the turnover and I was amazed at the difference that the designer lighting made. Rona opted for contemporary lighting and the ones she got have remote controls. The kids were happily showing off the different colors that the chandeliers made and we were all awed by the over-all effect. There was mood lighting too, which we used while we were thinking back over our college days and it did wonders to the ambience. I think the modern lighting set her back several thousands of pesos, but I know that it was well worth it. Aside from the chandeliers, Rona also have matching pendant lamps and wall mounted lamps that really compliment the room's style. We really loved what she did to the house and we told her so. I know that she is very proud of her house and I am very happy for her for realizing this dream. I know that I want this for my house as well because they do compliment the over look. I just need to save a little more and I know I can soon afford these discounted designer lights for my own dream house!

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