August 3, 2010

Tenants from Hell

My mother in law is renting out a 2-door apartment and one of the tenants just moved out over the weekend. They were the tenants from hell and we were really not sad to see them go. They were the tenants whose visitors stole my sons bicycle! But now my mother in law has a problem. The old tenants refused to give her their new address and I doubt if they filed any change of address in any of their bills! And the bills and bills collectors are now coming in one by one. Of course, my mother in law would only pay the water and electric bills which will be covered by the one month rental deposit but the rest would remain unpaid. I pity those collectors who have to try and explain that they cannot find the tenants anymore. I tell you they were tenants from hell!

Of course, for the rest of us who does not need to run from bills and other obligations, filing a change of address is a must! It is useful in getting updated statements and records. And doing it is just a breeze now with Change of Adress.Org so check it out!

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