September 21, 2010

Ondoy: One Year After

This was how it looked like one year ago after Ondoy. You can see the direction of the flood and the depth of the mud. At the first sight of this devastation, I wanted to cry but realized we were lucky not to have been at this home when it happened.

This was the back of the house which we haven't extended then. We had a gate at the back but we had no ceiling yet.

See the footprints? We were looted too. They took the gas tank, the gas burners, the caldero and the kawali! There was also a plastic storage box that was taken, with the clothes left on the mud.

And those are my precious sofas, submerged in mud.

And here is the dream house now, one year after. We received a little money from the insurance and we used it to build the house and some. And if you ask us what we used to build this house, lakas ng loob would be our answer! We painted it a white coat just last week. The grills have yet to be painted and the kids want them pink! But I want to keep it green, as a reminder of what this home has been through.

The sofa is dusty, but it will survive another washing. The curtains will stay, as they have proven their worth! The dirty small table was used during the clean up as an eating table and it has also stayed to be used further. A little coat of paint will the trick!

And these are the two rooms after the extension. We will paint it a cream color or beige next time and the color of the doors are still under negotiation, ha ha.

This is the whole view of the sala and dining area, without any partitions yet. We have no ceiling yet and the kitchen and bathroom are still to be tiled but we are confient that we can build this
house slowly and surely. With a little luck and a lot of faith!

So this is our dream house. Its not really much, but its home! And we are literally building it from scratch.

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  1. After so much I would love my dream house! Well done ;-)