November 4, 2010

All About Tiles

Here is the section of my house that is begging to be tiled, the kitchen and the bathroom. The portions that were not painted white will be tiled with below choices. We are just waiting for a good rate from a refutable handyman.
This 8x8 tile will be the flooring for the bathroom. At P11 each, its is cheaper in Handyman than in tile stores in Montalban and Marikina.
It was a choice between these 8x12 tiles for the walls of the bathroom, but the later won because of the price. This one below is P33 each, while the other one is only P13.50. I guess we will just choose a nice border to compliment the simple tulip design.

I am still unable to decide as to the color of the kitchen tiles because when you are facing so many designs, it is very difficult to choose. So what we did was to agree on the color (blue) and price range (P12-P15) and then we will just buy what we want once we get the quotation for labor from the handyman. I am so excited to see how this will turn out!

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