November 17, 2010

My House or My Body?

I am such in a state of excitement over the improvement in our house that I have been ignoring my body lately. I am okay with being covered in paint while painting under the glaring sun just for the sheer love of this dream house! I have stopped going to the gym for a week now and I know I look like I need a mini tummy tuck already. Since I am always tired, I eat a lot, hence the bloating, ha ha! If I had the money to spare, I would go for a California breast augmentation or a California liposuction, seriously! I am as vain as the next girl but maybe more practical than most so I give priority to building the house. Most of our 13th month pay will be spent in the house so I will only be able to spend some money for my hair re bonding. That is the only thing that I am getting for myself this year and I am not complaining. I am betting on the lotto tonight and I win the 450 million peso jackpot, I just may get that liposuction and the breast augmentation done in California, USA!

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