November 12, 2010

A Temporary Garden

How will I prevent the space in front of my house from being the neighborhood's trash bin? Well, I have to keep it clean of course! This was the before photo, or after Ondoy, or during the construction. All the mud that we scooped from the house were dumped here, and the neighborhood followed suit!
So one weekend that we were there, we cleaned it up and it looked a lot better after. It was no easy task because my husband was at work and it was just, my sister Kris and my eldest son who did the grueling work!
But the neighbor's front yard looked like this! But I cant put plants here that would require watering since we only come during weekends. So my solution, to prevent having the front of my house from becoming dirty again, and yet need not worry about taking care of them, I planted these. And look what I found from all those rubbish? A Mango tree!

So this is my temporary garden. I hope to plant better looking plants once we move in.

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  1. Hi Dinah, madaming salamat sa info here sa blog..while were at it..hingi na din sana ako ng help regarding architect mo sa project construction din kc ang loan ko eh..

    God bless..!