August 16, 2011

Early Christmas Gift Ideas

Time flies so fast and Christmas is just around the corner! The half of the year is over and its just 4 months till the biggest season of all. And I personally believe that August is the best time to start writing those Christmas lists because you will be in no hurry and you can give your time in thinking of the best gift for each of your family and friends. When I saw these Big Sister gifts, I know that I have the perfect gift already for more than half of my loved ones on the list. I also saw this huge sign for mall wide sale at a nearby store until the end of this month and I am sure I can find something for the men and boys on my list. I also just got back from a vacation in Boracay and Cebu and souvenir items like necklaces and bracelets are also perfect for Christmas gifts. So by November, if I am to go by my schedule of buying at least 5 items per month, I would very little to worry about come the holiday rush. And the best part is that I get to save money but I get to give each and every one a well-thought gift!

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