October 17, 2011

How to Withdraw Your Contribution from Pag-Ibig Fund

A Pag-Ibig member, or those who pay monthly contributions to the fund have the following benefits:
1. Savings
2. Short Term Loan
3. Access to housing loans

Unlike SSS where you are member for life and cannot withdraw your contributions until you turn 60 and opt for pention or lump sum payments a Pag-ibig member can opt to withdraw his contributions under the following conditions:
1. A member may withdraw his TAV or savings after 20 years of membership with the Fund and after having made a total of 240 monthly contributions.

2. A member may also withdraw his savings under any of the following valid grounds:

a. Retirement
• Early retirement at age 45
• Optional retirement at age 60
• Mandatory retirement at age 65
b. Permanent departure from the country
c. Permanent or total physical disability
d. Insanity
e. Termination from service by reason of health
f. Death of the member
g. Optional withdrawal at 10 or 15 continuous years of membership
• A member who registered under RA7742 may be allowed to withdraw his TAV
after 10 or 15 years of continuous membership.
• A member who registered under RA9679 may be allowed to withdraw his TAV
after 15 years of continuous membership.
h. Other causes as may be provided by the Board of Trustees
I am helping my ex-boss process her withdrawal of her Pag Ibig Fund savings because she is permanently leaving the country to reside abroad. But her permanent visa has not been issued yet so we will have to wait it for before we file again. I only learned that after her documents were returned to me.

For those leaving the country permanently, here are the requirements:
1. Filled up provident benefit claims form. Download here.
2.Notarized sworn declaration of intention to permanently depart from the Philippines.
3. Immigrant visa or residence visa or equivalent
4. 2 valid ids with signature and photo of claimant
5. Special power of attorney if member cannot claim personally.

It is preferable that the member file this before leaving the country so that he does not need to have the documents authenticated at the Philippine consulate of the country where he will emigrate.


  1. hi, I would like to know how ling it took before your boss was able to get his/her money from pag-ibig, thanks

  2. @dreep, unfortunately, we are still waiting for her permanent visa because what she has now is only multiple entry visa.

  3. Dinah, this is a good post. This is exactly my case. i have left Philippines already around 6months ago, and now have a resident visa. I should be qualified to withdraw. Can you suggest the steps? thanks...

  4. @hanshane, just fill up the form, and submit with the reqts. you should have an SPA to your authorized representative who can process this.

  5. pwed pa ba i tuloy ang pag ibig membership ko kc matagal na ako d nakaka hulog

  6. pwed pa ba ituloy ang pag ibig membership ko kht matagal na ako d nakakahulog...

  7. Paano c-claim ang naihulog sa pag-ibig fund?

  8. nawalan ako ng trabaho after 14 years at wala akong nakuha kahit singko sa kompanyang pinanggalingan ko. sa ngayon, sobrang hirap ng dinaranas namin. may college ako, isang highschool, 2 elementary, 1 toddler at may bagong baby pa. may hulog ako sa pagibig since 1997. papaano ko ba makukuha ang pera ko doon? yun na lang ang pag-asa ko para kahit paano ay makapagnegosyo na lang ng kahit maliit.

  9. ano po ba ang kailangan na requirments pra ma refund ang naihulog.
    gemma laresa ang name of member,13yrs na syang nghulog frm 1984-1997 she's now 50 yrs.old

  10. Ilang araw bgo mkuha ung pagibig refund ng papa ko?

  11. Ilang araw bgo mkuha ni papa ko ung pagibig contributions nya?

  12. Ilang araw bgo mkuha ng papa ko pagibig refund nya?

  13. Ilang araw bgo mkuha ng papa ko pagibig refund nya?

  14. Makakapag lump sum po ba after 15 years kahit my 2 months lapse?nagstart aq naghulog january 2001, my lapse po aq nung 2003. Please email me.

  15. Hi Lyn, There is an option to withdraw after 10 or 15 years but I dont know what the requirements are. Please visit Pag-ibig in the morning para mas maikli ang pila :)

  16. Kahit po ba nakapagloan pa ang mother ko bago sya nawalan ng trabaho ay may mawi-withdraw pa rin sya kahit pa hindi sya umabot ng 10 yrs sa work?

  17. Hi Vincent, as far as i know, ibabawas naman ung loan mo sa contribution mo eh so better to go visit Pag ibig pa rin to check.

  18. may idea ba kayo how much makukuha pag withdrawhin ang savings sa pag-ibig in 10years?

  19. hai po paano po bah makukuha ang contributin poh kac ung papa q ay natangal sah tabaho nya..2 years and e half ro cyang magtrabaho pro gusto nya makuha ung contribution nya po..

  20. what are the process if someone is sick, and he wants to withdraw his savings? thank you.

  21. Pwede b ma lum sum khit may remainig loan balance pa mag 20 years n ako sa 2017

  22. Hi,
    I am now a US Citizen, and I want to withdraw my Pag ibig contribution when I am back on my vacation. Do you know what are the documents I need to present? what are the requirements?I have an outstanding loan worth 14K..do i have to pay everything off first before they will give me all my contribution? your input is highly appreciated.