October 4, 2011

Pedring: How High Was the Flood?

This is the view in front of my house after I took this picture last Sunday. On better days, this is a corn field and sometimes, there are vegetable crops. The boundary of the subdivision property is the wall on the foreground.
And from here, you can see how the flood water from the river has encroached on the field. And during Ondoy, this field was covered in water, reaching up to the ceiling of my house. During Pedring, according to my neighbor who had to go to the evacuation center in the morning, the flood water level was just two rulers short of the wall and it would have flooded us again. Thankfully, the water receded at around 6pm on Wednesday.
But my neighbor opted to stay at the evacuation center at the nearest public school for the night rather than risk being flooded at night. I dont think there is no way we can move here unless we have a second floor because I cannot leave my kids and mom at home and go to work when there is a threat of flood. So, what to do now?

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