April 1, 2012

Summer Vacation Officially Starts Now!

On Thursday, we will all be in vacation as work takes a break in observance of the Holy Week. And as our usual custom, we will spend the long weekend at the dream house. I always look forward to spending more than the weekend here because I am really able to take a rest, both physically and mentally. The kids also has a bigger space for play and the bigger kids can explore and meet new friends in this new place. My husband and I are also to do more housekeeping and repairs and we already have to get in touch with a plumber and somebody to repair the roof. My mom, she feels more at home here. There is really nothing special to do here, but when you are in your home, then everything takes a new meaning!

I know that someday, we will be able to check out Airbnb and enjoy ourselves choosing Miami vacation rentals. I would really love to go abroad and experience the good life and enjoy a vacation somewhere different. But as of now, I will have to work a little more harder to save to build the second floor and finally have our home blessed. In the meantime, we will just enjoy our 5-day stay and just love our family vacation!

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