April 13, 2012

Vaporizers and Humidifiers

For the longest time, I have been suffering from sinusitis. I already a surgery some years ago, but coupled with rhinitis, this has been plaguing me for some time now. Therefore, I have lost my sense of smell. Lost may be an overstatement, but there are more times when I cant smell a thing! And this is where humidifiers and vaporizers are a big help to me. Have you ever heard of molecular gastronomy? Well, its a kind of cooking technique where the flavor or aroma is extracted via a vaporizer and infused in the air to make a different eating sensation. I can definitely relate to that because a strong aroma can make the food tastes way better and make the dining experience a lot times more enjoyable! Another thing that can make people like me smell and enjoy the sensation is by trying out vapir no2. It is a cordless, handheld and portable vaporizer that once can easily carry around. Seriously, I have never tried a vaporizer before but I have had experience with humidifiers since with my sinusitis when I cant really sleep properly. But vaping is something that I can seriously consider trying. And for others out there, you can check VaporExperts for other vaporizers for your needs.

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