May 11, 2012

My Dream Wedding

If asked about two things that I want to have, it would be to have my dream house and, to have a church wedding.  I have not yet been married in church because we only had a civil wedding way back 14 years ago.  I know that it is every womans dream to walk down that aisle, dressed in white, to be met by the man she wants to spend the rest of her life on the altar, and for God to bless their union.  But once you are a mother, yor priorities change.  Suddenly,  there are  bills to pay and kids to raise and everyday expenses to live with.  And so my dream of of having a church wedding just stays at the back of my mind.  But when I saw the other day a feature on New York Estate Weddings, I again remember my dream.  I suddenly realize that my dream can actually become real with the help of a company like Estate Weddings and Events. I was thinking that maybe a year or two would be enough to save money for this wedding.  I know that my family will support me on my dream because, this is also for them: a validation of our family.

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