May 18, 2012

Saying Goodbye to an Old House

Our neighbor recently sold their house and moved to a condominium.  Their house is the only in the street that has retained its good looks over the years.  I am sure that if their father did not pass away, they would not sell the house.  But as it is, our neighbor and her siblings have been living apart for some time now and it was understandable that the old house has to be sold and the money divided among the kids.  I know that if I own that house, saying goodbye would be difficult.  There will always be childhood memories in that house and besides, as I said earlier, the old house is a looker.  I dont think I have ever seen such nice and well maintained lawn as though  San Diego synthetic turf worked on it!  It is actually my dream to have a pretty garden like theirs. The flowers, especially during summer make for pretty garlands and the trees, for great shade! And the nice bench makes for great place to rest. I just wish the new owners would take care of that old house so that our street would retain the charm that that house brings! And if I own the place, I will probably not say goodbye to that old house!

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