May 31, 2012

When to Buy A House?

My friend Vangie and I were discussing their plan to buy a house.  She is currently pregnant and her husband is home from his work abroad and is still undecided whether he is going back or not.  They are looking at several lots and they just want to build the house based on their own design.  My friend was asking me whether now is the right time to buy a house, given her situation.  I told her, buying a house is a commitment and if they are decided, then now is the right time to buy.  They have saving enough for down payment and they can take home loans from either Pag-Ibig or at various banks, depending on the interest rates that they can afford.  They can also check out Advantage Home Rates for mortgage computations and to know more about getting a home on mortgage. There are several options on rates, which they can also find at Advantage, like this article on Fixed and Adjustable Rate Home Financing. I told them also to read on some tips on housing loan options for OFW's like her husband.  I am sure they can finally decide when to buy their house after reading all about it.

Again, for me, buying a house is a commitment and once you have decided to do it, then it will happen for you because you will do everything in your power to finally get that house of your dreams!

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  1. Pride of ownership is the major reason why people want to buy a house. However, homeownership comes with financial responsibilities. Some people forget to take that into account and that could spell trouble.

    David from