June 4, 2012

Better Safe Than Sorry

The rainy season is almost upon us and I can't help but become apprehensive once more about flooding.  I can still remember how Typhoon Ondoy ravaged our house, both this house in Montalban and the one we are renting in Quezon City and how hopeless I felt after.  Of course, I really cannot know then that it could happen and I guess half of Metro Manila was not prepared as well.  But this time, I know that flooding is a possibility in our house and it is better to start looking for cheap insurance quotes both for our house and for our car.  I will really cry and blame myself if the same things should happen and I am not prepared. It was a good thing that our amortization also includes insurance for the house and the money that we received helped to rebuild the house once more.  But one can never really be too sure and it is best to really get insurance.  The weather has changed a lot and flooding is almost a fact of life now.  I just wish that I can afford some cheap insurance, or at least one that I can afford to invest in for my peace of mind as well.

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