June 19, 2012

Natural Hardwood vs Tiles

If I have the budget and the energy to have our floor re-done, I would have opted for natural hardwood instead of floor tiles that I had installed in our house.  Just this morning, I realized that I really enjoy buffing our floor with coconut husk, like we do in the old days and I won't be able to do this in our dream house!  With floor tiles, I will just need to have a mop to clean it and I know it is so easy but there is just no personality on white floor tiles.  If I at least couldn't have the nice natural hardwood at flooringamerica-richmond.com, then I should have opted for tiles that are of the wood design. But still, there is something to be said about wooden floors.  Not only the added exercise that I can get from buffing the floor, but the personality that the house will acquire over the wear and tear of the wood.  With tiles, they just get broken or chipped, while wood retain its personality, even its charm over the years.  Of course, at the back of my mind there is that nagging thing about flooding and what it will do to the natural hardwood, but hey, one can dream, right? And this blog is not called building my dream house if I cannot put down what I really want for it, except that I don't have enough resources right now! Well, back to the drawing, I meant, dreaming board then!

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