June 22, 2012

Stock Market for Beginners

When I was in college, I was fascinated with the stock market and on the story of how many people became rich of it.  I read about their stories and followed movement of some stocks that I would have bought if I were to start investing in the stock market.  However, life get in the way and I got a job that did not give me the kind of exposure that would enable me to properly try my hand at investing.  So after 15 years, I am now  in a job that is all about investment and my interest on the stock market has picked up again.  I am currently reading some tips on stock market for beginners and here are some of them:

1. Take stock investing seriously.  It may feel like gambling, but it is not.  You can really earn, as long as you study each stock that you will buy.
2. Learn basic accounting principles, reading an annual report and the history of the stock market.  If you know the game, you will know how it works.
3. Read the business section of the newspaper and be on the look out for trends and investment opportunities.
4. Buy low and sell high is the game, but be sure to know how it works.  Be patient and your investment will grow.

I am currently reading Timothy Sykes and hot technology penny stocks.  I know that I have a lot to learn before I take the plunge.  And I am lucky to be surrounded by people who knows about the stock market, and would willingly answer my questions. I really have to think a lot and study a lot before I can say that I am ready to start playing the stock market.

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