June 8, 2012

Weekend Warrior Mode

It is the last weekend before classes officially start for my kids and this is going to be a busy weekend for me.  While I already prepared their uniforms the week before, I still have to iron them tomorrow.  And if there is chore that I hate doing, it is ironing clothes.  I sometimes bribe my sister to do this for me, since we don't have any helper at home, but she is worse at it than me so it really doesn't work well for us.  Good thing they finished covering their school books and they are preparing their school bags today.  We have also sorted their socks, handkerchiefs and inner shirts so we are okay to start the weekend.  Now, if only I don't have to iron any uniform then I would have had a perfect weekend.  I was so into weekend warrior mode these past few weeks so all our clothes cabinets were sorted out and we gave away lots of stuff already. If I were not scheduled to prepare their school uniforms these weekend, I would love to be in a salon, enjoying a peaceful afternoon of nail and hand care! But as it is, I have to be in my best weekend warrior mode and work myself up to enjoy doing all these stuff, ha ha.

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