July 19, 2012

Tiles or Carpet?

I love the feel of carpet on my feet and I love how there are many designs that one can choose from to decorate the house.  With a good carpet, a room can be transformed from blah to pizzaz!!! But, my mom will skin me alive if I were to put carpet on our house because she has sworn them off when one of my kids developed strong allergies from the dust that accumulates on them. No matter how often we vacuum the carpet,  my kids will always start sneezing like crazy and scratch on their skin until it bleeds.  Good thing that there are wonderfully designed tiles that I can live with.  The ones I saw when we shop tile the other week were really chic looking and would definitely add more personality to our white-tiled floor. There are designs that look like beautiful carpets from afar without the added burden of carpet cleaning! I brought my mom with me when I was looking at those tiles and she loved them.  I really just have to order the designs I love and schedule changing our floor tiles. I know that it will be again very messy, but I can wait for two to see my tiles that look like carpet on my floor! I am excited already!

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