January 17, 2013

Reviving The Dream House

Truth be told, I have given up on this house for far too many times already.  As you may know, I have spent a lot of money in this house, money that could have been used to improve the very small house that we are renting now.  But the name of this blog, Building my Dream House really sums it up.  This is my dream house, well I could hope that it was located somewhere much nearer our place of work and far from flooding, but its here now.  I dream about the house last night, as though we live there already, and I woke up feeling happy.  I really should go and visit the house soon, as its been more than a month since we last checked on it.  And I feel that I love the house once more, and I will try and persuade my family to live there in 3 years time.  Since its already, with tiles and rooms, and paints, there is really no other reason why we should not move, except for the fact that it may get flooded again! Every time I think about the flooring prices and installation that it costs us, I really cant help but hate the fact that it may flood again.  I feel so helpless against it! It was only that one time, but you wouldn't want it to happen again, but you cant do anything about it! But I know that a lot can happen in 3 years, and maybe the recent changes in the weather and the heightened awareness of people in nature can make a lot of difference.  Soon, I will be able to live with peace of mind and no fear of flooding in my house.  And you wait for the lots of improvements that I will do with it!

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