March 1, 2013

Graduation Gift

My little sister is graduating from college this May and I am getting her a new phone.  Well, I actually don't have a choice but to get her a new one since my hand-me-down phone she was using before was stolen during her thesis defense class.  She said her high marks on her thesis had a price, the stolen cellphone.  Anyway, my elder sister and I will share on the costs but my sister requested an Iphone 3G.  A second hand unit costs around five to six thousand pesos and I don't have enough money right now.  But she is currently using another old phone and I am now looking at batteries so it will last her until May.  You may click here if you want to see those batteries too.  Anyway, its still a good 2 months away and I know that something will come up and  we will be able to get that phone for her.  Its a momentous occasion for all of us, since it would mean that all 3 of us are finally college graduates, something that my mother is so proud of.  I was initially thinking of getting her a watch, to symbolize her coming of age (just like in Harry Potter) but its a phone she wants, so its an Iphone she will get.

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