April 11, 2013

Making Memories Last

" Collect Moments, Not Things." I believe in this saying, that is why I love to travel so much.  I love being in a place where I get to to do new things and create new memories.  Just like early this year, when we conquered our fears and tried White Water Rafting in Cagayan De Oro and Ziplining in Bukidnon.  I can't swim, so doing an extreme sport like rafting was indeed a dream come true for me.  I made sure that this was documented with pictures on a CD, and to have a back-up, even before we left Cagayan, we looked for a cd burning station. 
And the zipline, which was Asia's longest at 840, 4500 ASL was really scary and really exhilarating! The adrenaline kick was amazing!
These are indeed moments that I will make sure to last and remember.  Aside from immortalizing them on my blog posts and Facebook status, ha ha, I will also make sure to have Cd copies of those adventured safely tucked away so that I can tell my grand kids how 'cool' I was on my heydays, hahahaha. 

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