February 25, 2009

Additional Pag-Ibig Housing Loan

Yesterday, while browsing the Pag-IBIG website, I found out that I saw in the housing loan program that I can take out an additional loan to my existing housing loan. I called the Pag-IBIG hotline this morning, 724 4244 but there is no answer. I dialed their Loans Department and the person who answered was very helpful and pointed me to the Servicing Department (811 4212) where I can further inquire.

I was told that I can take out another loan, provided that I have been paying for 2 years already (ours is 4 months already) and that the title has been already transferred to my name(still on process, more on this later). Then I should attend the loan counseling and Pag-IBIG will evaluate my request. I asked how much I can loan, but the person said this will depend on the site inspection and evaluation of their representative.

After hearing this, I was really excited! I called my husband and texted my friends to share the good news. I think the universe is really helping me out here.

So my next plan of action is to pay the real estate tax we owe from the Municipality of Rizal and submit to the develper so they can already process the transfer of the title.

I am so excited!

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