February 1, 2009

Building My Dream House

This was originally posted in my
other blog but since this is post the reason why I started this blog, I think its only proper to re-post it here with some minor edits.

They say if you want something really bad, the universe will conspire to give it to you. I fervently wish this is true. See, I want my own house. We are actually paying mortgage for a 50 sqm. lot with a "starter house" on it. Its basically a low-cost development where half of the lot is bare. The row house has a wooden backdoor, a jalousie window, a restroom with a bowl and faucet and a small counter with a sink for a kitchen. That was how it was several years ago and we cant move in then because it wasn't livable for a family of five (seven including my mother and sister) until we make some improvements . Now, all the jalousies are gone, the door jamb is missing, the bowl is clogged and the wooden wall is rotten. The house has been vandalized already! Unfortunately, its down on the contract that the developer wont shoulder repairs if the house remains unoccupied after "take-out."

(above is my little plot of land on earth, taken some years back)

I am seriously considering my options at the moment:

1. Take out a loan from Pag-IBIG or SSS- Can I take out another loan even if the house is already under Pag-IBIG mortgage? Can I take out a loan from SSS?
2. Take out a loan from a bank- My only property is this house. Will they need collateral? Can we qualify for a bank loan with our combined salary?
3. Try to win the Lotto jackpot.
4. Blog a lot and hope to earn and maybe someday make a post about "The Dream House That Blogging Bought."

We are currently renting a house in a compound owned by my husband's relatives. Though there are a lot of advantages to living right smack in the city, like accessibility to the kid's school and our office, I would really love to make a go at building that dream home of ours in Rizal.

Hey Universe, a little help here please!

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