February 2, 2009

I Have To Do Something

This is another blog entry which I am re-posting here with minor edits.

Remember my house which I blogged about last week? Well, we visited it last Sunday and I was dismayed and so frustrated at what I saw. Our next door neighbor had his dog in my house! Grrrr! I didn't confront him because I know he means well, what with vandals in the area. But it took a lot of effort not to throw a fit right there and then. The house smells and I had to cover my nose when I entered my house. And my neighbor didn't even have the decency to look ashamed!

Oh and look at the condition of my house!I feel like crying just looking at it.
But we made a resolution that we will build this house this year or early next year. Now that we have that conviction, I know the universe will help us.

Again, Universe a little help here please!

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