March 19, 2009

Applying for A Manila Water Connection

When I went to my house last March 2, I was informed that I have to apply for my own water connection(more about this in future posts) from Manila Water. We went to their office in SSS Village in Marikina where we filled up an application form and drew a sketch of our place. Since we are currently not living at the place where we are applying for water connection, I highlighted my contact numbers and asked them to call me for any questions regarding the application. Its been 3 weeks now, but I don't know the status of this application yet. I called the 1627 hot line to follow up the application but was told that they will, yes, FOLLOW UP. Since then, I received 3 calls from three persons asking me if anybody has visited the site yet. How will I know? The fact that we are not yet occupying the property was highlighted in my application form. I told my future neighbor that somebody from Manila Water might come and to please answer any questions they might have and I told the developer's office about the application also.

I know that after the site inspection, Manila Water will contact me to ask for the requirements and to pay the necessary fees. But just waiting for them to visit the site is killing me. How can it take them this long?

To think that I am giving them my business! Aaargh!

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