March 11, 2009

How to Build A Dream [House]

I saw Dr. Johnny Noet Ravalo's article on How to Finance and Build A Dream Home and he was right when he said that:
Finance is the first [consideration] because it is our reality check. Anyone who has ever tried asking an architect to put into paper a design for a home knows that the dream house is almost always way beyond the budget.
For us, it is really beyond the budget. We are:
  • a mid-income earners
  • with three kids of school age
  • with a mortgage
  • renting a house at the moment
  • paying for utility bills and living expenses
  • and most of all, no savings!
That is why building this house is a dream, and a journey.

Again, these are the options I am looking at:
  1. Additional Pag-IBIG housing loan ( I am currently waiting for the title so I can try to take out another loan with Pag-IBIG).
  2. Housing loan from SSS ( Have you had success with their website? But the friend of a friend I talked to said I can apply for a loan, but since I am still waiting for the title so...).
  3. Personal loan from a bank (Robinsons Bank in my case, because it is affiliated with our company, and not home loan for improvement. The amount will not be enough to finish the house but it will be a start).
  4. Win the lotto. ( Why not?)
Now you see why this is a dream, building this dream house?

But I believe Walt Disney when he said,
"All our dreams can come true-if we have the courage to pursue them."

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