March 3, 2009

How to Pay Your Real Property Tax

I was on leave from work yesterday to do some things for the house. We had take "take-out'' on our house March 2005 and I didn't know that we should have started paying for our property tax starting that year. The developer took care of the first year payment. That's one of the details that first time owners like us were not aware of. I think they would have explained that to us had we moved in two months after take-out. The take-out documents that I received a month ago had the real property tax receipt and assessment.

So here is how to pay your real property tax (based on my personal experience) at the Municipality of Rodriguez, Rizal:
1. Bring your old real property tax receipt and proceed to Assessor's Office.
2. When you receive your assessment( I had penalties) , get an order from Window 1.
3. Proceed to Window 10 for payment and you are done!
4. I went back to the Assessor's office because I asked for Tax Clearance and Tax Declaration as future requirement for my additional housing loan and also as a requirement for the processing of the title.
5. I had to pay around P200.00 for the above and P60.00 more for the docs stamps.
6. Then I had the clearances signed at the zoning office and the office of the Mayor and then Im again done!

It was very easy paying at the Rodriguez Municipal Hall and the people there were very nice and helpful. Or maybe it was me, too happy at being near my dreams?

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