March 25, 2009

Update on my Manila Water Application

I follow up this morning my water application at the Manila Water 1627 hot line. I was surprised because the lady who answered the phone was very pleasant. Yes, I am used to uninterested-sounding customer reps. She asked for my reference number and proceeded to pull out the record. She told me that somebody made an inspection last March 15 and I should be receiving a call from 24-48 hours because my contract account number and order of payment are now being prepared. I asked what are the next steps once I receive the call and she told me that after payment, they will proceed with the installation. Wow, that fast? Anyway, I have to pay P7,242.44 for the water connection. I checked the FAQ's in their website and it says:
The minimum connection fee (residential use, within 25 l.m. from tapping point & 25 mm diameter of pipe) is Php 5,566.60. In addition to this, payment of a guarantee deposit and meter deposit of P600.00 and P1,020.00, respectively, shall also be required.
Close enough. I also ask for terms of payment and I was informed that I have to ask the representative who will call regarding payment options. The hot line agent was indeed very helpful.

However, when I called home to inform my mother-in law to expect a call from Manila Water, she told me that somebody called yesterday asking if a representative already made a site inspection. What the hell?

Anyway, I will just wait for another two days for the call and will call the hot line again if I don't receive any update.

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