May 29, 2009

The Greal Wall of Dinah

Remember how we are building this house one hollow block at a time? Well, finally all 3 walls at the back up are up. That's the picture my husband took last Wednesday when he went there to give Manong the Contractor his vale. We will come back this Sunday to check out the progress on the gate and grills at the back.

Its really difficult to have construction while you are not on site. You have to find a trust worthy contractor. Good thing our Manong is our next door neighbor and even before we discovered that he makes houses, he was already taking care of our house.

We have already exhausted our budget for the first blast of this project. And we hope to find another source of funds to complete this house. We promised ourselves we will finish this in 5 years, although we don't know yet how we will do this. With lots of prayers and some luck, we will make this dream come true.

May 18, 2009

Rough Road in Rodriguez, Rizal

I love Rodriguez (formerly Montalban) Rizal. This is to be my future home. But I hate this stretch of very, very rough road from Dela Costa Homes V going to the national road in Montalban. We were told before that this will be cemented but it has been four years and the road is still like this.

I don't know what the homeowners association and the municipal government is doing but this is not funny! This road is also now being used by jeepneys and private vehicles plying the Montalban-Cubao route because a bridge is under contruction in Manggahan. And when it rains, the road is too muddy or, if the rain is too heavy, not passable because of the flood. And when it's not raining, can you imagine the dust! Some enterpriising residents even earn money from watering the road to minimize the dust and asking money from jeepneys1 I am hoping that since election time is next year, somebody will notice this stretch of very rough road and do something about it! Fast!

Hello, public service anyone? I hope to see a sign that reads, Your Taxes Are Working For You! Soon!

May 13, 2009

How to Apply For a Meralco Service Connection

Its been almost 3 months since I submitted the requirements for my Meralco service connection to my developer and until now, we don't have connection yet. My husband was there this morning to follow up and the reply was they are still waiting for the meter base to be installed, whatever that means. They also said that they cant say when Meralco will do this. Another whatever! I just don't have the energy to argue today. Wait until I'm in the mood and this will be the subject of another blog post.

Anyway, I just copied this from their website, but here are the requirements and the steps on how to apply for a service connection from Meralco.


To expedite the processing of the application, the following are the requirements for electric service application:
  1. Properly filled-up application form.
  2. Original Copy of wiring permit
  3. Photocopies of the following documents. Please bring the originals to show the Meralco personnel.
  • One Valid ID
  • Proof of Ownership / Occupancy
  • Notarized Undertaking from the Building Owner
  • Bill Deposit
Step by Step Process

1. Proceed to the Branch with the application form and the requirements to the Service Application Desk.
  • Submit the application form and the required documents
  • Get a Service Application Number.This would be your reference whenever you call the branch or Call Center to inquire about your application. If necessary, the branch will survey your area to check actual conditions. Based on these findings, the Branch might require other documents.
  • Pay Bill Deposit
  • Sign the Electric Service Contract
  • Get the meter socket
2. Construct the Service Entrance.

3. Call the branch or the Meralco Call Center after you have installed the meter socket. Provide your Service Application Number and the Branch will send a Field Representative to check your service entrance. The Field Representative shall issue a yellow card that documents whether your service entrance installation is approved or not. If not approved, this will also document the necessary actions to correct the installation. REMEMBER: If there is something that needs revision in the installation, ensure that the recommendation of the Meralco Field Representative written in the yellow card is followed. Don’t forget to inform the branch or the Meralco Call Center after the installation has been corrected. The Branch will again send its Field Representative to check on the service entrance.

4. Submit the Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI) to the Branch. After approval of the service entrance installation by the Field Representative, secure a CFEI from your respective city hall o municipal hall. Please submit this CFEI to the branch.

5. Enjoy the benefits of electricity! In the next 2 to 3 working days your meter shall be installed. Your service entrance shall be energized in your or your representative’s presence.

May 11, 2009

Beyond the Iron Gate

The wrought iron grills and the gate at my house are now being installed. We were there yesterday to supervise so there was really no time for a Mother's Day celebration. Nevertheless, I am a happy mother indeed. You see, this house is being constructed piecemeal and it is a lot like like having labor pains, I am telling you. This will still be painted with red oxide to avoid rusting and a GI plain sheet will be added on the side roof. The original plan was to put bricks as design for the gate but we decided to put up the side wall at the back first. We will have to be content with painting it first and maybe have the floor tiled when we have extra money again.

side grills

view from inside

front view

another front view

May 7, 2009

Raise the Roof

Yes, we now have a roof. The wrought iron grills are now being fabricated. Next week, this gate will be finally completed. Or well at least partially. We will put bricks in front but that will have to wait until when we have funds again.

This feels goods. Really good.

May 4, 2009

Building the Dream House: One Hollow Block at a Time

We are building the dream house one hollow block at a time!

This is the gate, currently under construction. The grills are now being fabricated and will also be installed within the week. Doing this piece meal will definitely be more expensive than if we do it as a whole. But since the fund is limited, we better start with whatever we can. This may be a long and painful process but hey, I am up for the long haul.

The journey towards the dream has begun...