May 11, 2009

Beyond the Iron Gate

The wrought iron grills and the gate at my house are now being installed. We were there yesterday to supervise so there was really no time for a Mother's Day celebration. Nevertheless, I am a happy mother indeed. You see, this house is being constructed piecemeal and it is a lot like like having labor pains, I am telling you. This will still be painted with red oxide to avoid rusting and a GI plain sheet will be added on the side roof. The original plan was to put bricks as design for the gate but we decided to put up the side wall at the back first. We will have to be content with painting it first and maybe have the floor tiled when we have extra money again.

side grills

view from inside

front view

another front view


  1. Malapit na matapos! Ang ganda ng bahay congrats! :)

  2. Thanks James! Wish ko lang I can say in the future that this is a house that blogging built :-)