May 13, 2009

How to Apply For a Meralco Service Connection

Its been almost 3 months since I submitted the requirements for my Meralco service connection to my developer and until now, we don't have connection yet. My husband was there this morning to follow up and the reply was they are still waiting for the meter base to be installed, whatever that means. They also said that they cant say when Meralco will do this. Another whatever! I just don't have the energy to argue today. Wait until I'm in the mood and this will be the subject of another blog post.

Anyway, I just copied this from their website, but here are the requirements and the steps on how to apply for a service connection from Meralco.


To expedite the processing of the application, the following are the requirements for electric service application:
  1. Properly filled-up application form.
  2. Original Copy of wiring permit
  3. Photocopies of the following documents. Please bring the originals to show the Meralco personnel.
  • One Valid ID
  • Proof of Ownership / Occupancy
  • Notarized Undertaking from the Building Owner
  • Bill Deposit
Step by Step Process

1. Proceed to the Branch with the application form and the requirements to the Service Application Desk.
  • Submit the application form and the required documents
  • Get a Service Application Number.This would be your reference whenever you call the branch or Call Center to inquire about your application. If necessary, the branch will survey your area to check actual conditions. Based on these findings, the Branch might require other documents.
  • Pay Bill Deposit
  • Sign the Electric Service Contract
  • Get the meter socket
2. Construct the Service Entrance.

3. Call the branch or the Meralco Call Center after you have installed the meter socket. Provide your Service Application Number and the Branch will send a Field Representative to check your service entrance. The Field Representative shall issue a yellow card that documents whether your service entrance installation is approved or not. If not approved, this will also document the necessary actions to correct the installation. REMEMBER: If there is something that needs revision in the installation, ensure that the recommendation of the Meralco Field Representative written in the yellow card is followed. Don’t forget to inform the branch or the Meralco Call Center after the installation has been corrected. The Branch will again send its Field Representative to check on the service entrance.

4. Submit the Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI) to the Branch. After approval of the service entrance installation by the Field Representative, secure a CFEI from your respective city hall o municipal hall. Please submit this CFEI to the branch.

5. Enjoy the benefits of electricity! In the next 2 to 3 working days your meter shall be installed. Your service entrance shall be energized in your or your representative’s presence.


  1. Hi Dinah, 3 months is waaaay too long. When I had electricity reconnected for the foreclosed property I recently bought, 2 weeks lang, kabit na. I had my contractor talk with the inspector from meralco(the one who gave the yellow card) and each one did their part while I took care of the electrical permits. Just before renovation was completed(it took 3 weeks), electricity was already installed.

  2. I know. That's why I'm saving my energy for a go' ol fashion shouting match sometime this week. ha ha!

  3. Maybe someone just needs some grease or lubricant (pampadulas) para kumilos. Yell on them Dinah... at pakisuyo na rin sa hubby mo na i-video yung shouting match nyo para mapanood namin. Haha!

  4. naku, malapit na talaga. March 2-May 18? grabeh na toh!

  5. sa malolos bulacan phihirapan ka sa requirement, gusto yata talaga magpadulas

  6. Hi! This is Jem. I'm planning to construct a rentable space in front of our house and needs to apply new electricity connection. This is the new separate line from our existing line in our hosue. How much would it cost on application process? Thanks!

  7. Hi Jem, sorry but I can't help you there. You need to go to the branch to ask :-)

    1. Pano po pag alang titulo ung lupa?pano po magpapakabit ng meralco?

  8. hi how much ba ang magagastos mag apply sa meralco

  9. it's really frustrating that a basic utility service needs to be yelled at before they actually take action on anything.

    i moved in a month ago... the developers had a temporary power connection and each unit had a sub-meter. about two weeks ago, MERALCO came and installed individual meters for each unit so they cut the temporary lines with a promise to come back after thirty minutes to activate the main connection. they never came back, according to the developer. so come 9PM, i called MERALCO's hotline and they said they would write a "feedback" about it, which i presume is exactly what they told the developers. the guy i eventually talked to (supervisor) then told me that the developers had a VIP account thus, nobody else could handle their concerns. This was a friday night and the guy said the team handling the VIP account would return monday. in short, there would be no power for the whole weekend. i ended up telling the guy to treat their VIP accounts like VIPs and asking him why there was no emergency team for this. plus i asked for a reason why the team assigned never came back after the promised thirty minutes. the guy assured me after a couple of hours of putting me on hold so he can "contact" somebody that power would be restored between 6AM to 8AM the next day, saturday.

    the next day, the shift supervisor called me, promising that they would TRY to restore power by 8AM. come 845, no power. i had to call the company inefficient, incompetent and told them that if any other company offered electric services, mabilis pa sa alas kwatro lilipat na ako. power finally got restored around 1130am after much screaming and insulting. the sad thing is if i had played the nice guy, would they have gotten off their asses and acted on the complaints? because according to the lady i talked to that morning, marami na rin nagreklamo.

    and now, meralco is asking what my specific complaint is so they can address the issue? maybe if they tried to Google "MERALCO complaints" they would find the answer they're looking for.

  10. more competent people should be hired by meralco to attend to customers' need. electricity is a basic needs of man. its so hard to do things in the house without it. dont make promises that you cannot fulfill as its really annoying/frustrating to wait for something which cannot be done as promised.

  11. hi how much is the bill deposit ??

  12. ask lng po .magkno po ang pakabit ng new connection?tnx

  13. pde po b pktxt aq sa nkakaalam kung magkno pakbit ng new connection sa # ko tnx 09185741690

  14. Talagang po bang pag developer?matagal ang application sa meralco?

  15. Talagang po bang pag developer?matagal ang application sa meralco?