May 18, 2009

Rough Road in Rodriguez, Rizal

I love Rodriguez (formerly Montalban) Rizal. This is to be my future home. But I hate this stretch of very, very rough road from Dela Costa Homes V going to the national road in Montalban. We were told before that this will be cemented but it has been four years and the road is still like this.

I don't know what the homeowners association and the municipal government is doing but this is not funny! This road is also now being used by jeepneys and private vehicles plying the Montalban-Cubao route because a bridge is under contruction in Manggahan. And when it rains, the road is too muddy or, if the rain is too heavy, not passable because of the flood. And when it's not raining, can you imagine the dust! Some enterpriising residents even earn money from watering the road to minimize the dust and asking money from jeepneys1 I am hoping that since election time is next year, somebody will notice this stretch of very rough road and do something about it! Fast!

Hello, public service anyone? I hope to see a sign that reads, Your Taxes Are Working For You! Soon!


  1. You might be waiting for a long to see that sign in our public roads, my friend. Ahahaha. The way our public officials conduct themselves in public office. We might have some efforts though sometime soon. The elections is not too far off. ",)

    But guess what, here's a little consolation. You can put up a sign in your room which says, "Your blog hopping is working for you!"

    I'm the little, pesky evidence of that statement. hehehe. Nice meeting you, buddy. Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it very much. ",)

  2. Hindi yata kakayanin ng mga padyak ang kalsada na to.
    Tsk tsk tsk!


  3. With the election going near, who knows, a politician will sponsor the construction of that road. It's sad but this is the way life and politics go in the Philippines, sabi nga, onli in da Pilipins. =)

    Everything Nice!