June 15, 2009

Finally : The Meter Base

Finally, after 101 days of waiting, we have finally found the light!

We were told last Saturday to construct the service entrance so that they can connect the power already. Of course, there used to be complete electrical installation in the house but all of it was vandalized. This is just another expense that we now need to shoulder. And payment to the electrician is P400/outlet. And that's just for the labor. Costs of the wire from the meter base to the circuit breaker is at P26/meter times two and the panel board is at P3,900. Add the outlet s and the switches, the pvc pipes and the lighting fixtures and it means a lot more dent on our pocket!

But hey, let there be light! After the long wait, we are just glad that its finally over. So we again count the days until when we can finally switch that light on. I hope it will not take them another 100 days.


  1. You know how it works here in our country? Try to find somebody who knows somebody at the meralco to speed up the inspection and approval.For faster connection of your electricity.http://fatherlyours.com

  2. Ramon, i know and its really too frustrating di ba. you are a paying customer and you deserve efficient service. hindi yung kailangan mo pa magmakaawa. hay!

  3. hi Dinah. just wanna let you know that for quite a while, the entrecard widget that you have have been having an error.

    everytime magda drop sa widget, it would say 1 per day. i think i know why. yung entrecard code mo might be the same code dun sa iba mo pang blogs.

    you might wanna check it out using your separate entrecard accounts.



  4. Oh my gulay!Grabe talga jan noh...ako feeling ko magkaka wrinkles sa frustration sa katagalan ng mga bagay ma process jan;)!

  5. hellow there! blog hopping ...

  6. That's the price of having an electric power monopoly. Of course, you can't amend the law or their franchise. Sila ata ang nag-fi-finance sa pangangampanya ng mga lawmakers. Kaya, nakagapos at nakabusal ang bibig ng mga mambabatas na yan.