July 27, 2009

First Family Photo

This is our first family photo taken at the dream house. This is the second time we slept there during the weekend. I don't know if this is just me, but I sleep more soundly and wake up more relaxed here. Maybe because my heart is really in this house already.

It does help that there is a farm in front of our house and the view is nice. There is a rose plant tended by my neighbor and it does add to the charm of the place. I just wish that we have more funds to finally finish building this dream house and start making it our home.

July 6, 2009

My Dream House: Some Before & After Photos

Here are some before and after photos of the front view my dream house. Of course, its far from finish but hey, I am just proud of how far we have gone in this journey.

From this during take out:
To this after several years of neglect:To this during the construction of the gate:
And to this with the grills:

Now, we are having it re-painted gold and green:

The grills should have been dark green but we weren't able to buy ready mixed paint because of the heavy rains. When we tried to combine white latex paint and 2 pint green tinting color, that's the color that came out. Too tired to go to the hardware again, husband and I agreed that the color will do.
Pictures of the before and after photos of the interior will follow. We are going to have the ceiling and walls done next weekend.

July 3, 2009

Finally: The Meter

After exactly 122 days, we are now officially a Meralco subscriber. There is now light! If only their rate is not that high, I would have bought an air con!

The meter and power were connected and turned on last July 1, while we or our workers were not at home. The electrical wiring was still underway then and good thing, the breakers were all off. Of course, our electrician made sure of that before leaving the job the previous day. I was just surprised that we they turned it on without us there when it says in their website on "How to Apply for a Meralco Service Connection" that it will be energized in my or my reps presence. Anyway, I am just happy that we finally have light!