July 3, 2009

Finally: The Meter

After exactly 122 days, we are now officially a Meralco subscriber. There is now light! If only their rate is not that high, I would have bought an air con!

The meter and power were connected and turned on last July 1, while we or our workers were not at home. The electrical wiring was still underway then and good thing, the breakers were all off. Of course, our electrician made sure of that before leaving the job the previous day. I was just surprised that we they turned it on without us there when it says in their website on "How to Apply for a Meralco Service Connection" that it will be energized in my or my reps presence. Anyway, I am just happy that we finally have light!


  1. Grabe naman ito Dinah, 122 days??? Couldn't help mentioning this dun sa isang post ko... hehe.

  2. @jay, grabe no? but the long wait is finally over so hayaan ko na lang.

  3. magkno po ang pakabit ng connection?