July 6, 2009

My Dream House: Some Before & After Photos

Here are some before and after photos of the front view my dream house. Of course, its far from finish but hey, I am just proud of how far we have gone in this journey.

From this during take out:
To this after several years of neglect:To this during the construction of the gate:
And to this with the grills:

Now, we are having it re-painted gold and green:

The grills should have been dark green but we weren't able to buy ready mixed paint because of the heavy rains. When we tried to combine white latex paint and 2 pint green tinting color, that's the color that came out. Too tired to go to the hardware again, husband and I agreed that the color will do.
Pictures of the before and after photos of the interior will follow. We are going to have the ceiling and walls done next weekend.


  1. Just a reminder that Noemi Dado - whose website you support - has a track record of hypocricy and corruption.

  2. congrats to a dream come true!

  3. Nice improvements!