August 29, 2009

Should We Rent It Out?

Earlier this year, some things happened beyond our control and we thought we had to move out of our current residence. This past few months, things have settled down a bit and we don't need to move anymore. But I don't know for how long. And its not something that is within our control. We don't want to move yet, as we are still saving to add more improvements to the new house. Though if push comes to shove, we have somewhere to go.

Now, the dream house is livable and now with light and water service. Last time we were there, the neighbor who has a store asked us if we are moving anytime soon and if not, would we want to rent out the house? The current rent in the area is P1,500-P2,000. We are currently paying amortization for the house and we are thinking if we should seriously consider renting it out.

Personally, I can't bear the idea of letting other people live in my house. But of course practically, that is a viable option. My husband has no comment as of this writing and I don't want to influence him by telling him how I feel.

Now, what about you guys? What do you think: To rent or not to rent?


  1. hi sis, interesting naman ur blog. sa dela costa village, rizal iyang house mo. taga eastwood kz ako.

  2. hi, your post is very interesting. sa dela costa village, rizal iyong place, looks familiar kz. im from eastwood.

  3. I can't bear the idea of renting my dream house to other ppl too. So I think you should rent it only if you will not stay there. Investment house is reserved for investment purpose only.

    Is your current house owned by you or rent? If your current house is owned by you, why not rent that instead and move to new house? :)

  4. @patchuchai, yes its in DLCV.
    @ Charmaine, I cant bear to think about it either!