September 6, 2009

Drainage Problems

Home ownership is really not a walk in the park. Just this weekend, we had problems with the drainage in our restroom. The water wont flush as quickly as before, which means that the drainage is blocked or something. I poured Liquid Sosa, an agent to dissolve muck but it didn't work so we had to have it opened. Turns out, the drainage is now clogged.

The drainage that my mother in law had installed some 20 or so years ago now needs to replaced. It is now filled with silt and the water does not flow anymore. The problem with our restroom was just the signal that something was wrong because ours is the nearest to that big clogged pipe. Of course, since there are 3 other houses in the compound, the drainage has be repaired right away. It is one of the problems that comes with home ownership: you cannot anticipate any of these problems but you have to have budget for them anyway.

And I will soon have these problems to worry about. Ugh.


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