September 29, 2009

Dream House No More, No Thanks to Ondoy

This dream house of ours is located in Dela Costa Homes V, in Montalban Rizal. And you may have heard about it lately in the news: death toll of more than 10 people, no power and water supply and mud up to your ankle. Yes, the dream house is no more.

And I am not alone in this story. Check out their story of how they survived, but their house didn't.

So all the money we borrowed to construct this dream house little by little are now no more. We tried to build it one hollow block at a time, but now, all of those efforts are now gone.

We are only thankful that we were not there to experience the harrowing calamity and all the members of my family are safe. To hear the nightmare of the neighbors and the story of how they survived is making me weak in the knees and still give me shivers.

Now, my husband is telling me that we will not live there anymore, nor will he bring the kids there in that house. I dont know if he will change his mind when the weather is better, but I dont know how to argue my point with him anymore.

We haven't been there yet, since there is no power and water yet. We wont be able to do anything anyway. We might visit there this weekend and try to pick up some pieces of our life there.


  1. this is very sad.. idk what to say...
    let us all pray for the less fortunate..

    indeed, the end is near..


  2. instead of totally abandoning the place, rent it out. in this way, you can still earn from the rental fees.