October 8, 2009

Pictures of Ondoy's Wrath On My House

Ten days after Typhoon Ondoy ravaged Metro Manila and Rizal, we went to Dela Costa Homes 5 in Montalban, Rizal to see how badly our dream house has been damaged. And to say the least, it was indeed ravaged.

Here are the pictures of how my house is now.

The saddest thing is we were also looted. You can see in the picture below that the gas stove was not washed away by the flood, but was taken after.

You may wonder why my husband is still smiling in the picture below despite the damage to his beloved house? It's because we are both thankful that we were not in Montalban when it happened. This is our weekend home and we were supposed to come home that weekend. I can't remember now why we didn't go, but I will always be thankful to have been spared of the experience. I can't help but shudder at how I would manage with 3 kids and without my husband (he works on Saturdays).

This is just a house. Home will always be where we are together as a family. And even though Ondoy washed away our very high hopes and dreams for this house, we will not be deterred. We will somehow find a way to build our dream house.

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