October 20, 2009

So What's The Plan Now?

It has been 3 weeks since The Great Flood and that Saturday of September 26, made us re-think about our plans for the dream house. We were supposed to move next year, after my eldest son graduates from elementary so he can start his high school here. But after this, we have lost the peace of mind that owning this house give us.

So what's the plan now?

It has been 3 weeks since and we have been there every Sunday to clean up. We are almost done and only half of the back needs to be shoveled. We don't have water and electricity yet, and we haven't checked the wiring's yet. We only boarded up the broken windows and walls. There are no more things to loot anyway so we are just keeping the house as it is, until after we hear from the insurance claim I filed last week.

We have no concrete plans yet. We are in a wait and see mode, cleaning the mud and hoping to move on. I don't want to sell this house because aside from the financial investment, we already have some emotional investments here. Of course, we lost some or most of it. Though friends are always here to give us hope, we are still undecided. But we don't want to decide just yet. So we have continued our amortizations, and did not apply for the three months moratorium.

So let's just wait and see on whether we will still build this dream house.

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  1. OMG!you were more devastated than we were. i'm so sorry about the destruction.i understand how you feel.in our case,we're just renting but all our wooden furniture like cabinets,tv rack,chairs,etc, were all damaged. it means a lot of money to start over.it's really sad.but at least we're all safe.glad your family is safe too!