January 14, 2010

My Insurance Claim Was Finally Approved

My insurance claim for the dream house was finally approved. After the visit from the adjuster last November, the check from insurance for Allied Perils was released to Pag-Ibig this January. From the Pag-Ibig billing and collection office, to the adjuster, to the insurance and finally to Pag-ibig again, I had no problems following up the status of my claim. It seems these people really know what they are doing and were even eager to help out the victims of Ondoy. One even gave me her personal cell phone number so I can just text her to follow-up. And the amount was just 13% lower than our estimated expenses for repairs.

Unfortunately, I am still waiting for the funds to be released. I was told by Pag-ibig that the usual procedure is that they apply the insurance proceeds to the unpaid principal loan. But in this case, since I pay my dues on time and was even given good-payor rebates, I can request that the monies be released to me. I wrote a letter requesting such, per their advise last Monday and was told today that bosses had a meeting yesterday on how they would release the funds. Whether they will release at all, or in partial payments, I have yet to hear from them today. I still have 6 hours to wait anyway.

You see, other than clean out the mud from the house last November, we have not started any repairs yet. Oh, my husband had an electrician take out the breakers but we have not returned to do anything yet. I just hope that Pag-Ibig has a good news for me today.