February 9, 2010

My Insurance Claim Was Finally Paid!

I was finally able to get the check for my insurance claim last Friday. Since I filed it last October, it took only some 5 months for it to be processed and released. I do not know if that was a short or a long time as I have no idea how these things go. But I was told by Pag-ibig that I was among the first 50 claimants to be paid. Now, they still have more than 800 claims still pending, and more are coming in. I guess they lifted the 30-day deadline that they first imposed.

Anyway, now that I have the check, we are seriously thinking of how much we will spend to have the house repaired. We may be throwing good money after bad. But it seems that life is back to normal in Dela Costa so we may really use all the money for the house again. The dream is still on for me, I just have to convince my husband!