April 20, 2010

Mountains of Sierra Madre

These are the mountains of Sierra Madre in Rodriguez (formerly Montalban( Rizal which I took while riding on a motorcycle. The sky is clear and the mountain stand proud. But, not for long!

Look closely. Can you see the side of the mountain? Is it being quarried? Until now? I wonder how Bernardo Carpio would feel he were alive (and real)?

If we are to finally live here, I guess I have to take a more serious look on this issue.

April 15, 2010

Budget Estimate for Home Building

At this stage in the construction of our house, we are already over our budget. I have to admit that we did not prepare an estimate of the expenses for this and that we just took the plunge! Of course, it helps that our foreman is my brother-in-law who is there to protect our interest and to tell us the best and economical way to do what we have in mind.

Initially, we only thought of putting up the roof and flooring at the back. Then after we bought the materials for this and realized that we still have a little money left, then why not transfer the bathroom and the kitchen at the back? And then while we are at it, why don't we put two rooms. And oh, we need one more window here so why don't we take the time to put a hole in that wall? And of course, we need more switch and outlets, jalousie windows, grills and a lot more! So yeah, this is how we ended up being over budget. And we still need to have roof insulation!

So what is the moral of the story? Of course, have a budget and stick to it! And have a plan of what you really want to have and stick to it. Discuss everything with your partner and agree on everything first. We almost had a shouting match over one window, ha ha!

So while we are closer to building this dream house of ours, we have learned some new lessons and discovered new things. I just hope that when we have the money for our second floor, we would have followed our own advise and prepare a budget!

April 12, 2010

Dream House in Progress

This was the destruction we had to live with after the typhoon. Our hopes for the dream house were somewhat dampened, but thanks to great friends who gave us hope, we vowed to bounce back!

So I went after the insurance claim, and then we went ahead and took a plunge again after two months. Below is how the house looks now during construction and repair. Of course, we are now over our budget, but with only a week and a few days to go. I guess I can already the after pictures by next week!

My husband, bless his sweet heart, works very hard in building this house. He was so tired yesterday after hauling bricks and soil. But I know that he loves doing this for our dream.

April 2, 2010

A Roof Over My Head

So we now have a roof over our heads. Building the dream house again. Never giving up on the dream!
For sure, Ondoy will not happen again. That was just a freak accident of nature. It will not happen again. Ever!

Of course, that is my fervent wish. Because if it should happen again, we have really thrown good money after bad.