April 12, 2010

Dream House in Progress

This was the destruction we had to live with after the typhoon. Our hopes for the dream house were somewhat dampened, but thanks to great friends who gave us hope, we vowed to bounce back!

So I went after the insurance claim, and then we went ahead and took a plunge again after two months. Below is how the house looks now during construction and repair. Of course, we are now over our budget, but with only a week and a few days to go. I guess I can already the after pictures by next week!

My husband, bless his sweet heart, works very hard in building this house. He was so tired yesterday after hauling bricks and soil. But I know that he loves doing this for our dream.

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  1. Dins, totoo ka dear bahay nyo to? aww... hoping you have well recovered na.

    thanks for dropping by!