May 27, 2010

Your Own Flash Website, Free!

If only building a dream house is as easy as building your own free website, then I won't be having this much trouble financially and emotionally. Did you know that there is this website builder, where you can build your own flash website even if you know nothing about programming and all that techie stuff? You just drag and drop and you have complete freedom on the designs. It is just so great to find out about something like this where you can flex your creative arm and surprise yourself with the results. I am heading there now to make for myself. But I am thinking if I should create one for my trying-hard photography skills, or for my online tips on parenting and family. Or maybe for my travels and great finds? I am just too excited and I will be sure to share my own flash website soon.

When I find a website that will help me build my house for free, then I know I am dreaming ;-)

May 17, 2010

Floor Tiles or Kisame

If you have only a limited amount of money and you have to choose only one, which would be your priority: the floor tiles (including the kitchen tops and restroom) or the ceiling or kisame?

Its now time for the kid's enrollment and we still have a lot of stuff to buy for them. But we still want to save some for the house and we are thinking which one to do first. Of course, I haven't started any costings yet. I am actually procrastinating, thinking that once I do the math I have to commit to construction again. Since it is so hot today, I am thinking of doing the ceiling first. The workers gave us a pakyaw estimate of P15,000 for the whole house. But I think the bathroom and kitchen looks so unfinished without the tiles. As I type this, and thinking budget-wise, I think we really can do the ceiling first. The floor tiles would us an arm and a leg again!

May 7, 2010

Dream Car

Other than the dream house, I also have a dream car. And when I dream, I dream big. So my pick is a Chrysler 300. This car has elegance and quality written all over it. Just looking at one can make me drool, ha ha! Should one choose to drive a Chrysler, one's self worth would increase a thousand fold! Wonder if my husband would look 100 times better when he drives one? But seriously, if I have the means to buy a car meant to last and make me feel good then this will be it. I mean, other than the comfort and mileage that this car has to offer, this is also a status symbol. While Toyotas are the working class car, a Chrysler gives you the impression of money and impeccable taste and that you belong to the rich and discerning class. And since there are a lot of Chrysler 300 accessories to choose from, then I would love this car more. I can customize or upgrade the interior and the lighting. I can customize the grills and trim to satisfy the obsessive person in me.

If I win the lottery today, can you guess what car I will buy today?

May 5, 2010

Home Building Done for Now!

After a month of construction, this is how our home looks like. We have two rooms, the rest room and kitchen and sink has been moved to the back, a new window has been installed and the electrical wiring was checked and properly installed.

Obviously, there are still lots of things to be done, namely: the ceiling, the paint, the floor tiles, the kitchen tiles and the bathrooms tiles and the appliances, and the cabinets and the kitchen cabinets and a whole lot more! The list goes on and on and on!

And again, the paint. The house doesn't look much without that coat of paint. But all in all, despite being wayyyyyy over budget, we are happy at how the dream house has progressed.

We have already an estimate on the ceiling and my husband and his friends will just take care of painting the house. But in the meantime, we have to enroll the kids first and see if we have enough money left to do more for our home.

Then I will put up a FOR RENT sign! Har, har har!